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Planned Giving Webinar


We offer a wide variety of webinars for your convenience. Webinars cover many aspects of planned giving such as gift annuity basics, charitable beneficiary designations, blended gifts, bequest campaigns and much more.

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Schedule (Pacific Time)

10/01 11:30 How to Motivate your Donors to Make Planned & Major Gifts - Discover the factors that motivate donors to give and how we can use them to shape marketing efforts. Register
10/07 9:30 Market Major and DAF Gifts - Learn how to use CresPro cloud software to create persuasive major and DAF proposals for cash, appreciated property and blended gifts. Register
10/07 12:30 CresSurvey - Learn how to use CresSurvey to gather information, discover why donors support your organization and to encourage them to make and report gifts. Register
10/08 9:00 Creating Metrics That Measure What is Important - Review different approaches to metrics and discuss the importance of individualizing your metrics to the person and situation Register
10/22 11:30 Customizing and Sending Eblasts - Learn how to create, customize and send Special Eblasts that contain tailored marketing messages to your donors. Register
10/28 9:30 Enhance Your Planned Giving Program with GiftLegacy - GiftLegacy is Crescendo's major and planned giving marketing platform. Learn about proven strategies that will take your program to new heights. Register
10/28 12:30 GiftCase - Learn how to select your GiftCase template, add winsome pictures, edit titles and write great motivational text. Register
11/04 11:00 Planned Giving Startup - Learn how to begin or restart your planned giving program. Explore the fundamentals of planned gifts including guidelines for accepting cash, stock and real property. Register
11/11 9:30 Market Major and DAF Gifts - Learn how to use CresPro cloud software to create persuasive major and DAF proposals for cash, appreciated property and blended gifts. Register
11/11 12:30 Cash Donor Proposals $20K to $5M - Create motivating cash gift proposals. Reach the hearts of your donors with pictures and your gift case. Register
11/17 11:30 CresPro Tutorial - Get the most out of Crescendo's online planned giving software. Learn about illustrating CRTs, CGAs and more. Register
11/18 11:00 CresManager Overview - Use the tools in the powerful GiftLegacy CresManager to create branding and messaging that reaches your unique donors. Register
12/15 11:00 Using GiftLegacy Analytics to Get Results - Discover how to use donor predictive analytics to raise blended and planned gifts. Register
12/16 11:00 Donor Life Income Gift Alternatives - Learn about the advantages and restrictions associated with life income gift vehicles. Register

What People Are Saying

We are proud to have had the following organizations, among many others, as part of our planned giving webinars:

"I am very glad I went through the program. I actually hope to do it again when I am ready for another campaign. Overall, I think I have a good plan. The problem I have is in trying to make the plan do too many things, and Crescendo helped me focus, which in the future will allow me to feel more targeted in our marketing efforts. The program helped me gain more knowledge of how to utilize the resources in GiftLegacy. Knowing what they are is one thing, but knowing how to use them effectively is another."

— Karen Piel
Marshfield Clinic

"Participating in the CresBequest program was a great way to educate us on the development of a custom campaign. The opening webinar provided us with a great starting point and an idea of what we should be focusing on while in planning stages. The three one-on-one calls that followed allowed for more personalized planning and strategy specific to our institution, and the final webinar brought it all together. It was nice to hear and see what the other institutions in our group came up with. This format was able to provide us with enough information to set up a customized marketing campaign."

— Jason Sciotti
Alfred State University


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