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Planned Giving Software

Software Overview

We provide powerful solutions for marketing, closing and administrating gifts. You can choose from a variety of software packages.

Crescendo offers three different service levels of donor proposal software: CresPro (the comprehensive software), CresEstate (mid-level software) and CresLite (the basic software). These software products are cloud-based.

Your annual service contract includes regular tax updates, the GiftLaw Pro charitable tax reference and attorney phone support five days a week.

Donor Proposal Software
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Comprehensive Gift Plans (CresPro)

CresPro delivers everything you need to illustrate and close major and blended gifts – from persuasive donor-friendly proposals to detailed technical explanations, trust documents, the GiftLaw Pro tax reference and more.

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Charitable Tax Proposal (CresEstate)

CresEstate cloud software includes the most common charitable tax plans used by professional advisors (attorneys, CPAs, financial planners and underwriters). CresEstate includes client illustrations, gift calculations, technical explanations and the GiftLaw Pro tax reference.

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Basic Gift Plans (CresLite)

Use CresLite to create basic gift proposals. This streamlined software package is designed for field staff and organizations new to planned giving. Create donor proposals for the most basic planned gifts along with technical explanations, gift documents and more.

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Additional Software
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Gift Annuity Administration (Crescendo Admin)

Crescendo Admin's powerful tracking system simplifies in-house gift annuity administration and interfaces with Crescendo's donor proposal software for easy data entry. Its tracking system produces checks to annuitants, year-end 1099Rs, detailed reports and much more.

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