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How to Educate Your Donors with a Motivational Proposal

Even during these difficult times for all of us, your donors and friends want to continue partnering with your mission to make a difference. What a privilege you have to help them manage their gifts to meet both their wishes and your mission's needs. We hear inspiring reports of individuals generously giving during this challenging time. We are stronger together!

During this sequestering environment, without doubt, you have questions related to your gift closing and stewarding options. How do you provide donors a proposal illustrating the gifts they want to give and their intent? How do you touch their hearts as well as show their benefits? Is it possible to be motivational from a distance?

Your donors are making an emotional decision to give at this time, a gift usually not planned even a few weeks ago. However, your donors are also making a financial decision to protect their assets and loved ones. You want to be responsive to your donors even though you cannot be there personally.

Your stewarding questions for moving a gift forward to closing are answered with Crescendo's motivating four-page donor proposal.

Imagine your organization's branding on a four-page proposal with your colors, logo, images, contact information and fonts. Your mission's photos strengthen heartstring ties. The front page is all about the donor with their name and an image representing their gift intent. The inside two pages address the gift's financial benefits for the donor. The inside pages also answer the donor’s questions: “How does this work?” and “Why should I want one?” The back page shares your mission statement and contact invitation. Branding is on every page. Friendly donor information is woven throughout the pages in educational and motivational ways.

The charitable gift annuity proposal shown here reminds us of a New York gift planner who is calling her donors during this difficult time to thank and encourage them. As the planner visited with one of her donors who already has several gift annuities in place with her nonprofit, he said he wanted to fund another one right now. Your donors' generosity in these times is alive and well.

Your organization is welcoming cash gifts in this season. This image shows the cash gift four-page donor proposal that was branded for Tanager Place, a camp for under privileged children. Tanager's Director of Philanthropy created two cash proposals offering the donors a choice between gifts. Mrs. Builder told Mr. Builder, "Let's do both," and they did. The cabin for $700K and the lodge for $1M! CresPro’s four-page motivating donor proposals bring result!

Sandra Henningsen

By Sandra Henningsen
Assistant Vice President, Integrated Marketing, Crescendo Interactive, Inc.

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