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Meaningful and Personal Donor Contacts

Your website is a primary motivation and education opportunity. During this challenging time, it is especially important to remember that your donors move forward and stay with you when they feel valued, appreciated, are kept engaged with your mission and when they have a sense of belonging.

Now is not the time to stop your donor communications, rather now is the time to focus on meaningful and personal donor contacts. A simple way you can accomplish this is by sending personal messages, or even better, calling your donors! Delivering personal messages of support and compassion builds a friendship like relationship and will leave a positive impact on your donors, but it can also lead to more meaningful conversations.

An organization in New York, the center of the COVID-19 outbreak, shared with us that they are sending personal messages and making phone calls to check-in with their loyal donors. This effort is having great success and they are receiving really positive responses. They lead each conversation with gratitude, and many of these phone conversations have also given donors an opportunity to share their stories. It has turned into a great opportunity to conduct phone interviews to build their donor story library.

Donor stories are valuable because they are captivating, engage with others on an emotional level, create connections and ultimately encourage others to give.  Not only are their donors delighted and very appreciative to receive a phone call from their favorite nonprofit, they also eagerly share their story and engage in a meaningful conversation amidst this challenging time.

When this has passed, donors are going to remember who kept them engaged and who made them feel valued. When is the last time you called your donors? We encourage you to make that call today. Remind them that you care and together we will get through this.

Maria Oliver

By Maria Oliver
Legacy Campaign Specialist, Crescendo Interactive, Inc.

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