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Social Media Is Important for Your Gift Planning Marketing

Social media is an important part of your nonprofit's marketing. Should you market planned gifts with social media? Yes, otherwise you will miss out on connecting with some of your best planned giving prospects who already connect and engage with your nonprofit on social media channels.

Gift planning posts on social media platforms such as, Facebook, can educate your supporters about the benefits of planned gifts. Begin implementing creative gift planning social media posts including ideas on creating a legacy, building your endowment and helping your organization fulfill its mission through planned giving. One result of including gift planning in your social media may be more interest and added value for your supporters on all of your social channels.

Seniors on social media nearly doubled in numbers between 2012 and 2019 and nearly 70% of Baby Boomers used at least one social media platform by early 2021. According to the Pew Research Center, 70% of all Facebook users report using their account daily. Seniors on social media are your primary gift planning prospects. You may find many of your supports are eager to engage with you through social media!

Social media posts with eye-catching images that link to your gift planning website create a visual connection with supporters and promote engagement. Posting an offer such as a free estate planning guide generates significant responses. Be sure the responder is required to complete their full name and email address for donor lead generation. Finally, don’t forget to review your social media analytics reports to see a list of donor prospects who are raising their hands electronically for you.

To learn more about social media marketing for planned gifts, please contact us. Crescendo is here to help!

Sandra Henningsen

By Sandra Henningsen
Assistant Vice President, Integrated Marketing, Crescendo Interactive, Inc.

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