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Why is a Marketing Funnel Important?

Creating web traffic plays an important part in marketing for planned gifts, but it is only just the beginning. A comprehensive marketing plan should include a ‘marketing funnel.’

When I mention the term marketing funnel, I am talking about your back-end moves management process that is designed to move ‘the slightly interested’ towards becoming ‘fully devoted supporters’ of your cause. One small commitment step at a time. Using strategic messaging and targeted calls to action, a well-defined marketing funnel can help move an increasingly interested group of donors along a series of incremental commitment steps, creating a funnel approach.

At the top of your funnel, broader marketing touches are provided to create interest, while making more detailed content available through calls to action and landing pages located on your website. The funnel becomes narrower with increased interest, meaning that fewer people will respond as the commitment steps become more involved. Those who continue to journey with you by positively responding to your more focused and segmented offerings are likely to show the most interest in giving a future gift.

What does this mean for fundraisers? It means that marketing messages and calls to action should be based upon how warm or cold your prospects are in the marketing funnel. You will not want to ask for huge commitments from cold or even lukewarm prospects. For many reasons, they may not be ready for a heavy commitment step just yet.

Whatever the reason, people want to process incrementally. Using many smaller commitment steps may help gradually move them towards greater levels of interest. We build trust and knowledge one positive interaction at a time.

A marketing funnel should help you identify how much a donor Knows, Likes, and Trusts (KLT) you and your organization. When we assess the KLT stage of our donors, and this needs to be an honest appraisal, we may then figure out the appropriate next message or call to action that will incentivize them to journey further with us. By offering the right incentivizing messages at each phase of a donor’s journey with you, a marketing funnel allows you to scale your processes while remaining personable and relevant each step of the way.

If you would like to see how a planned giving marketing funnel can work for your organization, contact us at 800-858-9154. We are here to help!

Andy Ragone

By Andy Ragone
Integrated Marketing - West Region, Crescendo Interactive, Inc.

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