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Utilizing Your Mission Beyond the Statement

Staying connected with donors during these uncertain times can be challenging, but one thing that will always resonate with them is your organization’s mission. While your mission statement should be brief, direct and compelling, there are many ways that you can highlight your mission beyond the statement. This could be through your custom print or digital marketing.

Your mission is part of your organization’s branding, it is important to examine ways you can place your mission in the forefront of your donor communications. Using strong mission-oriented imagery across your marketing channels such as, website, social media, and emails is a good starting point. Imagery will create an emotional connection with your donors while reflecting your cause. For example, a foundation for a university or college may use images of certain landmarks on campus that resonates with donors or alumni. This often sparks memories and nostalgia during their time there as students, while also encouraging support for your organization. Additional suggestions for highlighting and showcasing your mission include:

These examples help reinforce your organizations’ good work, while portraying individuals’ experiences through testimonials. This generates excitement for those that are interested in helping make a difference.

As we look forward to better times, your mission can also provide others with hope and a sense of purpose. Please remember that we are always here to support you!


Kiley Hechler

By Kiley Hechler
Integrated Marketing Coordinator, Crescendo Interactive, Inc.

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