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Three Things to Focus on When Converting Website Traffic Into Leads

Let’s face it, by now we are all aware that in today’s world the windows of opportunity to meet and connect with donors are limited. Maybe the days of getting together for coffee or joining an afternoon social activity will return, but for now we are limited. As I was doing my dishes last night, staring out my window, watching my neighbor walk her dog at 7pm as she does every night, I thought to myself, “this is my only view of the outside world.” Now, obviously I was being a little dramatic. I have left my house from time to time in the last few months, but it got me thinking, right now our only view of the outside world is through windows. Then I started thinking of the biggest window in my house. This window sits on my desk— it’s my computer, more specifically, the Internet.


Your website may be the last remaining window your donors have to see who you are, what you have to offer and what you are about. Now more than ever you need to have a strong website to increase traffic and ultimately create more leads.

Your website is your strongest lead generator. According to Karen Marchetti, author of, The Results Obsession, the characteristics of a great website are:

Built for your audience – Whose interest are you trying to spark? Is it easy for them to navigate through your site?

May be continuously improved through analysis and testing – Always update and add fresh relevant content. See what works and what does not. Always be testing different ideas.

Can enhance the experience with your brand –  Identify what separates you from the rest and run with it. What is your mission?

Helps achieve your objectives cost effectively – Are you providing the right resources? Are you doing it effectively?

Categorizing Your Visitors

Have you thought about your website target market? Karen Marchetti recommends categorizing your visitors into “personas.” Creating profiles for your visitors will make it easier for you to follow-up with them and provide information relevant to their needs.

Here are some examples of ways you can categorize visitors to your website:

With a strong profile, or “buyers persona” you will be able to identify a visitor’s needs and concerns; and your outreach will be much more successful and effective. You then can begin to start bringing your visitor along your prospect pipeline.

The Offer

More often than not, your offer, or action item, is going to be the driving force that turns your visitor into a lead. It is so important that your offer meets the needs of your potential donors. It can be a free webinar, an education seminar, literature downloads, a free invite to a future event or fundraiser or even as simple as a follow up phone call. Whatever your offer is, make sure that is relevant to your visitor’s needs. You always want to make sure the content on your offer page relates to the offer itself. For example, if you are offering a bequests seminar you want to make the offer as visible as possible (like including it on your planned giving home page). You also want to make the offer available on your Bequests information pages. Give your visitor multiple opportunities to select the offer given to them.

Another example of an offer could be virtual training options to help your supporters get through this time. For example, you could offer tutorials on how to use video-conference technology, email platforms, FaceTime or Facebook. Remember your offers should alleviate concerns and solve problems. Quite a few of our prospects could use trainings like these, which are practical and useful for all avenues of life.

Because your visitors all have different situations and different needs, multiple offers should be considered. For example, you can continue to offer your Bequests Seminar, and offer a Wills Guide on the Wills and Bequest section of your site. One thing to be wary of however, is do not have multiple offers for one subject. This may overwhelm your visitors.

Lastly, make your offer enticing and valuable. Providing information, and/or assistance to your visitors will surely result in new leads. Answering a visitor’s question, or showing your visitors care will let them know that when they do become a lead or even a donor, the care and support they receive from you will be unmatched.

I strongly suggest you take inventory of your website and the offers you are providing. Website traffic will be your greatest lead generator during this troubling time. Make sure your website (your window) is clear to your visitors.

Steven Walker

By Steven Walker
Integrated Marketing- Central Region, Crescendo Interactive, Inc.

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