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Strategies to Help Your Donors Understand How to Stand with You in Your Mission

There is no doubt that this is a challenging time for everyone, including your donors. During this time of hardship, another marketing approach could be creating passion for your mission.

Ultimately, this means creating champions for your cause. In an article published during the financial crisis in 2008, author Jerry Panas explains the sustainability of non-profits in difficult financial times: "The plain fact is in good times and bad, Americans give to worthy causes. But when times are difficult, they seem to respond with even greater dedication, generosity, and a genuine sense of sacrifice. They will allow nothing to interfere with their fervor in supporting worthwhile causes."

If your donors feel your mission is a worthy one, despite financial hardship, they will give. The question is, how do you convey to your donor that your organization, your mission, is a worthy one? The answer is by creating passionate donors for your organization. First, share your organizations story. Who do you serve? Who is the founder, and what was their reason for starting your organization?

Next, share your story. Why are you, the gift planner, so passionate about your work? Share that. You can share impactful donor stories. You can create an online mission page or video to share these stories. It's also important to be honest about what your goals are. Share with them your 5, 10, 20-year plan. What will your organization look like then? How will it grow? Make them feel a part of that plan. And lastly, in this time of isolation, if you can't open your doors and bring them in, then bring your mission to them. Give them a virtual tour of your facility or maybe share footage of the good you are doing in your community.

If you want your donors to be passionate about your cause, then you need to be passionate about them. Show them some compassion. In this time of social distancing and remoteness it is easy for your donors to feel alone. Remind them they are not. Show them you care about them and their community. Make sure you show your appreciation for all they have done for you in the past.

Also, now is the time to give back. Provide your donors the resources they need. Maybe refer a financial advisor, or an attorney. Offer a free Wills Guide, making sure their family is taken care off. Even simply offering an ear to talk to can show your compassion. Lastly, if you don't know what they need, then ask. Send them a survey. Giving your donor a voice in a time of uncertainty and allowing that voice to be heard is something your donor won't forget

Steven Walker

By Steven Walker
Integrated Marketing- Central Region, Crescendo Interactive, Inc.

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