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Why Market Enewsletters?

We delete “junk email” or spam for good reason. We are not interested what is being offered. But, what happens when we come across an email that appeals to our interests? Well, that is a different story.

Personally, I look forward to receiving emails from writers I value. If I receive an appealing and relevant email, one that “hits me where I live” and might even articulate a need better than I can, then my perceived value of such an email would go up. I would see the author as one who has my best interests in mind.  I would want to hear more from this author.

As your organization’s fundraiser, you are an ambassador. You have a voice and a platform that comes with the potential of helping your donors. What kind of platform? An enewsletter. With consistent and value-driven messaging, you can make a huge difference in your donor’s lives.

What happens when you match the right audience with an insightful enewsletter that helps satisfy their needs? Well, here is what you might expect to see:

1. More Excitement about Your Organization’s Vision
People give when vision becomes a reality. Your donors must see your vision in action! With a frequently sent enewsletter, you have an opportunity as a fundraiser to reveal the great things happening within your organization on a consistent basis. Your donors will see the progress you, as an organization, are making. In seeing such progress, they will want to increase their involvement accordingly, both voluntarily and financially.

2. More Devoted Followers
Providing relevant content at frequent intervals is a great way to keep your donors in the loop while generating momentum. They will express more interest in giving and advocating for your cause because they see the difference your organization is making. Who doesn’t want more devoted followers?

3. More Website Traffic for Lead Generation
If your website is both appealing and educational, an enewsletter is the best way to lead people to it. With an email containing a catchy subject line, a preview of the article and a link to bring a reader right to your website to finish the article. Add trackable analytics and carefully placed “calls to action” on your website and you can begin to steward these interested prospects accordingly.

Your donors look forward to hearing from you. By sending an enewsletter with relevant content, you will build more excitement about your organization’s vision, more devoted followers and more website traffic for lead generation. What is your favorite thing to read in an enewsletter? Please share below.

Andy Ragone

By Andy Ragone
Integrated Marketing - West Region, Crescendo Interactive, Inc.

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